Quality Tips On Marketing Your Small Business Online

Owning a small business is a challenge enough, but without some tips on marketing your small business online you could see that it is going to be impossible to see the success that you want to have. When you get these tips you will quickly notice that it is going to be easy to market your company to the level that you want it to reach and then you will be able to turn the reigns of daily operation over to employees because it makes you so much money on a daily basis.

One tip that you can use to market your business on the Internet will be to look at the competition that you will be facing. Doing this you will be able to see what kind of features they are offering on their site, but you will also be able to see what you need to do for your businesses site to make it more attractive to people.

Another tip that can help out is to do some research on the keywords that you need to be targeting. For example if you have an Irish store you will want to think about the products that you carry and use a keyword research tool to see what words you should be using on your site. Then you could see that some people are going to be looking for the specific title of the item that you carry and that could lead to more people being able to find what exactly they want from your site based off of their search.

Something else that you will find is that can be helpful will be to write articles about your items. Doing this you could either use it as a review article about the pros and cons of each product, but you could also use it as a way to build links back to your site. Then you could also see that the article you write could be enough to encourage people to purchase the product from you based off of your review.

Being able to market your business is something that you may be used to doing without the help of the Internet, but with the changes in the marketing world you probably know that the Internet is the way to go. That is when you should have some tips on marketing your small business online to ensure you have success.

Small Business Tips: Tips for Minimising Shoplifting

When I started researching this article I was aghast at the number of robberies that occur in Australia every year. Over 15,000 robberies were recorded by the Australian Institute of Crime for 2009. Shoplifting is becoming a major problem for small business however there are strategies that you can implement to minimise the chance of someone stealing from you.

The staggering figure is that over half of all small businesses have been a victim of crime and on average will lose $7,800 a year due to shoplifting and burglary. Whilst certain business types and industries are more prone to robberies such as corner stores, pharmacies, newsagencies and bottle shops, any small business can be affected by this type of crime.

There are some simple steps that you can implement to help minimise your shop being a shoplifting victim.
The first step is to ensure that you have a clearly articulated policy for shoplifters. The policy should identify how you will deal with a shoplifter and how you handle them if you catch someone. We know from research that companies that have a strong shoplifter policy and a tough prosecution policy is less likely to be a target of shoplifting. Mind you it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have a problem.

The best deterrent from theft is to have staff that are always on the lookout for people who look as though they may be up to no good. A good camera system is also another great deterrent but the reality is that most professional crooks don’t care about the cameras. I have seen footage of theft gangs that just don’t care if they get caught or are seen on camera. Surveillance cameras are also becoming a very important tool in prosecuting the offenders because they provide undisputable proof of the offence.

The key with shoplifting is to catch them before they leave your store so having staff walking around the isles and a camera system will provide you with the best line of defence. Other tools that do work as well are convex mirrors, two ways mirrors and peepholes at key points and positions in your store. Always ensure that there are no dead areas in your store where potential thieves can actually steal the physical products.

When it comes to staff management ensure that you assign a staff member to different areas of the store and make it their responsibility to protect those areas. Another simple technique is to encourage your staff to greet any visitor to your store. This will often put the potential crook on the back foot.

There are some key things to look for when you are monitoring your store:

1. Monitor you customers to see if they maintain eye contact. Quite often a shoplifter will have shaking hands and their eyes will be constantly looking around

2. Watch for customers who simply wander through the store whilst trying to avoid your staffs attention

3. Customers with baggy clothes and in particular hoodies are a major concern especially if the weather doesn’t match their clothes

4. Monitor your colleagues to see if they are distracted whilst one of their accomplices may actually be doing the theft.

Finally it should be store policy that all bags, boxes, purses and cases are subject to an inspection prior to leaving the store. You should also include anti-shoplifting signs in your store to ensure that everyone knows you take shoplifting seriously.

Whilst no one of these tips will actually stop a theft, they will certainly help you in minimising the chance that your small business will be a victim of shoplifting.

What Are the Top 10 Tips for Small Business Branding?

Managing a business is not an easy job but promoting your business may be as hard as anyone else could ever imagine. And some small business owners thought that they have only limited things in order to manage and promote their business then they are definitely wrong. And some think that branding is for big businesses only then I will prove you wrong. And despite the business size, branding can be as effective as it can be. Here are the top 10 tips for small business branding.

The first one is to focus on the thing that you would like to establish, people won’t be attracted if you promote everything and anything under the sun, being an expert on one thing is what matters the most for the clients, making clients confused can never be a good idea, make them think on one important thing that stands your business.

The second one, is consistency on your performance. No one would love to patronize a company that doesn’t have consistency on its performance or on its quality. If you commit something to some clients, make sure you’ll do it, first impressions really lasts so better make sure to impress them positively and maintain it in order for you to have their loyalty.

The third one is to make an overview of your business at least on a one page document, letting them know how your business is running and what are your goals, mission and vision are very important tools in achieving for their approval, just be sure to make it brief and concise, no one will last if you write on plenty of flowering words, better to put on true informations.

The fourth one is, good treatment between you and your employees and between clients and employees as well, nothing can beat that.

The fifth one is, to remember that branding needs straight direction and longer maintenance and that there should be straight connection between the actual and the desired image.

The sixth one, join locally organized events and be one of the committees, it’s a good way to establish your image and business.

The seventh one is to blog, blogging is one of the great tools in establishing your business, making other people have an idea about it.

The eight one, you don’t have to depend everything to your logo, logo doesn’t make up the whole part of the business, so never spend too much time and effort on it, its just a part of the business.

And having your own company website is on the ninth place because obviously almost all people uses web, and the last one is not to depend too much on blogs, you must explore more over.

That’s the top 10 tips for small business branding Just don’t be afraid to give a try and to plan big for your business. And searching for branding tips can be easily done when you are eager to do it.

3 Small Business Marketing Tips For The Holidays

Do you own a small business? Would you like an edgy way to set your small business marketing apart so you scoop up the lion’s share of new customers? If so, then this article is your ticket to riches because it contains a simple message that needs to be told.

Read it and see for yourself what it’s all about.

The Truth About Small Business Marketing:

You want the truth?

You want the truth?

You can’t handle the truth!

Remember that famous movie line?

It was delivered by Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men when Nicholson was being grilled about his involvement in a military murder. Eventually it was brought to light that Nicholson played a crucial role in carrying out the murder and sweeping it under the rug..

And speaking of telling the truth:

Did you notice how many businesses ran sales on Black Friday? I got scores of emails from every business under the sun saying:

50% OFF Black Friday Sale!


Cyber Monday PRICES Slashed!

Yuck to the whole darn lot of them. They are all sad sacks that wouldn’t know a fresh idea if they tripped over it.

My point:

When your competitors are mired in copying each other… do something totally different. Do the opposite. Be the black sheep amongst the herd of white sheep.

For example:

1. Run a Sale The Monday BEFORE Black Friday.

Why not get an early start on the holiday rush? You can do this by running a sale starting the Monday before Black Friday which is sure to separate your business from the mass. Just imagine your competition reading that one?

2. Offer a FREE gift with a purchase.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks a sale means slashing their prices. Sure, that’s one kind of sale. But slashing your price also cuts into your bottom line. Why not offer a bunch of “gifts with purchase” instead of blasting your prices? This way your customer still feels like they are getting one heck of a good deal.

3. Do nothing for Black Friday.

Why do you need to run a sale on Black Friday? Haven’t you been doing lots of fun and creative promotions all year long? If not, how come? Look, there are 364 other days in the year in which you can promote your business. So why put all your eggs into the Black Friday basket? Heck, it’s a basket that’s too crowded. So be different. And sit still on Black Friday.

Sure these tips take guts.

But if you want massive exposure for your small business then these are an alternative way to do that.

And when done right they can be a barrel of fun for you and your customers.